Video Split Services

Abe Elshaikh — Video Play Back Operator

High Definition System for instant playback and variable speed playback
PLUS quick multi-layer compositing on set.

Abe has over 20 years experience in the film industry including several feature films as well as
countless TV commercials.

A system can be tailored to suit your needs, including a portable set-up for interstate or overseas travel.


For bookings and to inquire about our competitive rates:

Top Technicians Management Phone: +612 9958 1611

Email Agent



Abe mobile 0414 699 235

Email Abe


High definition Qtake system on MacBook Pro

Camera Set-up:
17” Panasonic HD LCD Monitor
32” LED LCD Agency Monitor
HD Mixing Facilities also available
Quad splitter for up to 4 cameras on one screen
HD Mixing/Editing Facilities
Sound Devices HD Clamshell kit
For other equipment please enquire on 0414 699 235

1 & 2 Camera Set-up available

Operator Day Rate available on request — call Abe 0414 699 235

 Vehicle: 4WD VW Transporter


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