Abe’s CV

Abe Elshaikh — Video Play Back Operator/Owner

Abe has over 20 years experience in the film industry including several feature films as well as countless TV commercials.

Video operator, and equipment supplier/owner. Abe has also trained and introduced to the industry several other video operators in NSW and Queensland. Abe offers the complete video package including 4WD transporter van to access those hard to reach locations.

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Abe has been operating continuously on commercials from December 1999 to the current date. Due to the large volume of work, only a selection are listed, followed by a comprehensive list of production companies worked for.

Selected Commercials

Big W (TVC)—Rabbit Content, July 2014
Director: Abe Forsythe, DOP: Hugh Miller

Carefree (TVC)—Sergeant Major, June 2014
Director: David Jagoda, DOP: Matt Stewart

ComBank Wallet (TVC)—Play Big, May 2014
Director: Rey Carlson, DOP: Lachlan Milne

Holden (TVC)—Revolver, May 2014
Director: Bruce Hunt, DOP: Danny Ruhlmann

Westpac (TVC)—Revolver, May 2014
Director: Bruce Hunt, DOP: Danny Ruhlmann

Samsung Galaxy S5 (TVC)—Safari Films, March 2014

The Australian iPad App (TVC)—Window Productions, March 2014
Director: Simon Macrae, DOP: Andrew Commis

Smiths Max (TVC)—Robber’s Dog Film Company, February 2014
Director: Luke Shanahan, DOP: Jeremy Rouse

Holden 24/7 (TVC)—Exit Films, February 2014
Director: Greg Wood, DOP: Andy Commis

Big W/Lee Cooper Denim (TVC)—Collider Films, February 2014
Director: Ben Briand, DOP: Jeremy Rouse



Feature films

Abe made his debut into the film industry back in 1994 on Babe, the Kennedy Miller Feature Film, and has been a key component in the development of the Video Split technical role.

Strangerland (film)
Parker Pictures Productions—May 2014
Director: Kim Farrant D.O.P: PJ Dillon
Position: VFX green screen comping

Catching Milat (mini series)
Catching Milat Proprietary Limited—May 2014
Director: Peter Andrikidis
Position: Video Assistant

Gods of Egypt (film)
Windsor Productions—February 2014
Director: Alex Proyas
Position: Motion Capture Operator

Mad Max II (film)—Visual Effects Unit
Kennedy Miller Media pty ltd—Producer: George Miller,
Director: George Miller
August 2013—September 2013
Position: supplied video equipment & operated—QTake
(digital video system for macintosh—digital hard disk video capture system)

Don’t be Afraid of the Dark (film)—Splinter Unit
Don’t Be Afraid (Aust) Pty Ltd—Producer: Guillermo Del Toro,
Director: Bruce Hunt, DOP: Ross Emery
August 2009—September 2009
Position: supplied video equipment & operated—Final Cut Pro
(digital video system for macintosh—digital hard disk video capture system)

Wolverine (film)—2nd Unit—1 day fill-in
Wolverine Films—June 2008
Position: supplied video equipment & operated—Media 100
(digital video system for macintosh—digital hard disk video capture system)

Down and Under/Kangaroo Jack (film)
Underdown Productions pty ltd—Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer
DOP: Peter Mackenzie
March 2001—July 2001
Position: supplied video equipment & technicians—Media 100
(digital video system for macintosh) & edi assist (digital hard disk video capture system)

The Red Planet (film)
Mars Productions pty ltd—producer: Andrew Mason
Director: Antony Hoffman, DOP: Peter Suschitzky
September 1999—December 1999
Position: video technician—edi assist (digital hard disk video capture system)

Babe 2 Pig in the City (film)
Kennedy Miller Media pty ltd—
Director: George Miller, DOP: Andrew Lesnie
August 1997—October 1998
Position: video technician—edi assist (digital hard disk video capture system)

Dark City (film)
Newline Films
Director: Alex Proyas, DOP: Darek Wolski
August 1996—December 1996
Position: main unit video technician—edi assist (digital hard disk video capture system)

The Phantom (film)
Village Roadshow Productions—Paramount Pictures
Director: Simon Wincer, DOP: David Burr
September 1995—February 1996
Position: main unit video technician

Race the Sun (film)
Race the Sun Productions—Tri Star Films
Director: Charles T. Kanganis, DOP: David Burr
April—June 1995
Position: main unit video technician

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (film)
Tengu Productions—Fox Films
November 1994—February 1995
Position: 2nd unit video technician

Babe (film)
Kennedy Miller Production
April—May 1994
Position: camera department attachment, clapper loader assistant
set up & operate video playback



Bruce Hunt Director
Ross Emery DOP
Frank Flick DOP
Ben Osmo  Sound Recordist
David Lee  Sound Recordist
Terry (Skeet) Kelly Sound Recordist


A-Z of Production Companies worked for

Aqua Films Pty Ltd
Area 51
Attik Sydney
Baby Lemonade
Babyfoot Prodcutions
Base Camp Productions Pty Ltd
Beach House Films
Bender Pty ltd
Best Picture Show
Black Balloon Productions Pty Ltd
Blue Sky Films
Boomerang Productions
Brilliant Films
Caravan Pictures
Capitol Productions Pty Ltd
Carnival Films
Chameleon Prodcutions
Cherub Pictures
CIF Productions
Collider Films

Compass Productions
Curious Films
Cyclops Films
Darling Blair
Detour Films
DNA Films
Don’t Be Afraid (Aust) Pty Ltd
Dragonslayer Pty Ltd
Dynamite Productions
Elevator Films
Farscape Mini-series Productions Pty Ltd
Film Construction Pty Ltd
Film Depot
Film Graphics Productions
Filmsmiths Australia
Flying Fish Corporation Pty Ltd
Fox Productions Services Pty Ltd
Freckle Features
Fresh Produce Film Co Pty Ltd
Fuel VFX
Garage Days Pty Ltd
Goodoil Films
Great Ocean Picture Production
Hamburger Films Pty Ltd
HAT Productions Pty Ltd
Honeyweed Films
Independent Films
J Productions
Japco productions
Jasper Drake Productions
Kennedy Miller Pty Ltd
Kingdom Feature Productions
Location Technology Pty Ltd
Luscious International

Macgowan Films
Mad Angel
Marine Production Pty Ltd
Matrix 2 Productions Pty Ltd
Moby Pictures
Money gram
Motion Pictures Limited
Mystery Clock Cinema
New Doll
One Six Six Productions
Orange Whip Films Pty Ltd
Ozcam Productions
Peepshow Film
Play Big
Play TV
Plaza Films
Proximity Systems
Rabbit Content
Rack’m Films
Radical media
Radio Films
Rapacious Pictures Pty Ltd
Razor TV
Renegade Films
Republic Films
Reputable Films
Revolver Film
Roady Productions
Robbers Dog Company
Rowan Dean Films
Rubicon Films Pty Ltd
Safari Films
Saraceno Productions
Sergeant Major

Shalala Production Services
Shooting Spirit
Silverscreen Productions Ltd
Sky Film Production Pty Ltd
Soma Films
Southern Hemisphere Productions
Sprowles Films Pty Ltd
Sydney Film Company
Tank Films
Taxi Film Production
The Feds
The Film Business
The Guild of Commercial Filmmakers
The Quiet American
The Shanghai Job
The Shooting Gallery
The Sweet Shop Ltd
Tonic Productions Pty Ltd
Two Little Indians
UFO Film
Underdown Productions Pty Ltd
Verve Films Pty Ltd
Via International Sydney Pty Ltd
Village Roadshow Production Pty Ltd
Walkabout Films Pty Ltd
What’s on Films
Window Productions Pty Ltd
Wolverine Films
Wonderland Films
Zinc Films